Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Recently Asked Questions

Q1: When did you take the boards?*
A1: June 1st.

Q2: What was it like?
A2: 6 hours of sheer boredom, followed by an hour of boredom on the 6 bus that was, if anything, even sheerer.

Q3: How did you do?
IF (Q'er = Jose Quintans)
A3a: You tell me. (Unless you file papers to not have your score reported, your medical school and administrators will receive your score 4 to infinity days before you, as they get it electronically and yours is sent via US mail, hence the chance of infinity. You can file to report to them nothing, or merely that you took the test, unfortunately, those papers have to be filed 2 weeks prior to the exam, which I didn't realize until 3 days before the exam.)

Q3a1: Why can't they send you your score some other way?
A3a1: See answer 9

A3b: No idea The score haven't come back yet.

Q4: When will you get your scores?
A4: They said it usually takes 3-4 weeks.

Q5: Why does it take so long to grade a computerized multiple choice test?
A5: Because everyone takes a different test they curve how you did versus people who did the same questions 3 weeks before and after your exam.**

Q6: Why can't they compare you to test takers from the previous 6 weeks?
A6: See Answer 9

Q7: It's been more than 4 weeks, why don't you know?
A7: Since June is a peak test taking month it may take them 6-8 weeks to process your score.

Q8: But you just said that normally they have to wait for enough data before sending your score out. If more people are taking the test, shouldn't you get it back faster?
A8: See answer 9.

Q9: WTF is going on?
A9: Either the National Board of Medical Examiners, or you, are a moron. Since the NBME, with their opaque boards and their monopolistic match control my fate for the next 20 or so years, I'm going to go with you. You are the moron.

Q10: Why am I a moron?
A10: Because you asked questions. And this is medical school.

*: Step 1 of the US Medical Licensing Exam

**: I'm actually kind of grateful that they don't have the scores right away simply because then I wasn't even more tempted to rush through the final test blocks.

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