Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Bit of Veiled Conceit*

Quick, what is Michal Kleinlerer (the woman)´s profession?

If you looked at that toothsome smile and guessed ´toothpaste model´ you´re exactly wrong! She´s an orthodontist. As in the old joke about the barber with the worst haircut in town, if you need some molars out, you should look at the competition.

I was originally going to make fun of her for padding her dental school application with one of those ridiculous Masters in Medical Studies,** when I glanced at the photo and BAM!

Speaking of dpp target genes (of which BAg of Marbles is one), Dr. Kleinlerer has a hit on Google Scholar, where she studied the role of the activin receptor III in skull development. I suppose one peer reviewed abstract isn´t bad for a year of masters work. And the abstract is from ´07, which means she did it after her ortho school.

Shenkin, the groom also has some research chops, and I was able to dig up this study on cavities and second-hand smoke.

So I´ve completely failed to make fun of these people, while simultaneously distracting myself from plant development for an hour.


*:The idea of making fun of people in the NY Times Weddings section is from Zach at Veiled Conceit on hiatus for the last 3 years.

**: Many people who are not accepted to medical school on the first go-around because of a lack of research experience or a low college GPA apply to these programs. Some teach the first year of medical school, with the possibility of transfering into the second year, some are serious research programs (though I am suspicious of any research whose pace is controlled by the clock and not the internal logic of the data), and some are an expensive waste of time. I frequently assume the latter case.

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