Thursday, September 08, 2005

Decompression I

You may have noticed that summer has ended. Summer session ended a couple of weeks ago, and thus I haven't had many relevant thoughts. Actualy, I had quite a few.

1. I dislike anatomy. I've always thought that gross anatomy is like Clue. By the time the game begins, the fun part is already over.* I'm much more of a physiology man. But, Dr. X was so charismatic, and I was so wrongfooted and afraid I was going to get tossed that I confused Stockholm Syndrome for true like. On reflection, it is a bunch of really boring memorization whose exact function for most medicine, most of the time isn't really obvious. I have a better memory than most, and my particular specialty is long-term retention (rather than volume). But you know what? Anatomy is falling out of my head faster than... ummm... (un?)fortunately, most of my hackneyed metaphors have fallen out of my head as well. I had incredible difficulty studying for anatomy, and no wonder - I have a lot of trouble doing things I dislike.

* Blatantly stolen from the tagline for Kill Doctor Lucky, a rather neat product from Cheapass Games, "Why do all mystery games start just after all the fun is over?"

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