Sunday, August 21, 2005

Nearing the end

I've finished the content part of anatomy. I've learned the name of most every part of the body, and what connects with what. I know the signs of certain textbook illnesses. I can make sense of studies made with various imaging Devices, such as plain-film x-ray, CT, magnetic resonance, and the images made using various contrast agents.* I have been indoctrinated in simple Procedures used to influence the Sphere of Life. My Genius has been praised. I have sat in on research Symposia, and been introduced to the modern medical Paradigm...

"A mage with this level of Conditioning has been Processed. Substitute a technological focus for each of his Spheres. He is now a Technocrat."**

*Actually, I seem to be surprisingly good radiology - things tend to make sense, and it's the one area where I'm definitely better than my peers (whereas in everything else I'm about average)

**Brucato P, Campbell B, Long S, deMayo T, Taylor S. Guide to the Technocracy. White Wolf, 1999. p90

What this means, to you non-Mage players is that I've been indoctrinated and inducted. I'm one of the brotherhood now, with a diminished tendency to question received wisdom, and the accompanying increase in my perception of self importance and authority.

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