Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Spanish Brandy

I burst into my Program Director's office last week.

I: What does Dr. X drink?
PD: What?
I: Well, our anatomy prof? Dr. X? He's really good. We want to get him a nice bottle of alcohol, and I figured you knew him.* So, what would be an appropriate gift?
PD (Gets out from behind his desk, reaches into his office cupboard, takes out a bottle of Spanish brandy): Give him this.
I (surprised): Is it any good?
PD: Of course.
I (put the bottle in my bag): OK. ... Thanks!
PD: Just don't drink it, OK? And don't tell him I gave it to you.

*The prof in question got this stint by being competant, but also because he crossed paths with our PD, who offered him the job of teaching us.

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