Friday, July 01, 2005

You're in the city now!

I've got to eat just like anyone else. So, despite my dissection schedule, I put aside some time today in order to go grocery shopping. I unlocked my car, opened the door, and was shocked to find some kind of white powder sprayed all over my seat. On closer examination, I realized that the powder was actually the facets of small, otherwise transparent cubes. Then I noticed that the passenger side window was missing.

I circled around to the passenger side, and gaped at the fractured remnants of the safety glass. I looked inside and saw that window sprayed all through the car. Damn.

I looked around the inside, trying to find something missing. Harry Potter on tape - still there. Car CD player - still there. Change - still there. Then I remembered. I had been leaving a few bucks in the cupholder to pay tolls with. That was the only thing missing.

Someone broke my window for $3.

On the other hand, I'm keeping the brick they tossed in as a souvenier. Also, my roommates helped me clean up, and we went out afterwards for diner food to celebrate. Since I've been having trouble making friends with them, the progress seems worth the cost. One of my roomates thought the glass actually looked rather pretty, and insisted I get a photograph. The almighty brick lurks in the background.

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