Tuesday, June 28, 2005

High yield

So, the first week I thought to myself, "It can't possibly be hard enough to justify all the study time everyone else is putting in." Yeah. Now, I'm putting in that much time, and more. The hackneyed metaphor seems most appropriate - we're drinking from the firehose now. Time to only pay attention to what's helpful, time to start living off of ramen noodles, time to get "high yield."

So, what does high yield mean? Means the source that will give you the answers to the most questions on the boards for the least amount of work.

What are these "boards"? A series of tests you have to pass if you want to be a doctor. The first test (called, 'steps' for whatever reason) is an overarching final for everything in the first two years of medical school.

The class that I am in is high-yield. I will study high-yield materials, and even higher-yield supplements.

I think back to undergrad, a mere month ago. I always thought the question, "will this be on the test?" was so undignified. I was always trying to learn more, to get outside the material, and play around with it. There simply isn't time here. The pace of the curriculum seems to demand memorization (aided by as much anatomical reasoning as I posses). Elaboration is provided by clinical considerations, which are memorization fodder, as well as aides in memorization. One set of material reinforces the other. Anyway, it's all spoon-fed. I guess otherwise it wouldn't be high yield.

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