Thursday, June 23, 2005


I have a whole new life - new student ID, new swipey RF "ass-badge" to open doors, new bank card, new keys, now - first hostpital ID. Exciting. I am a "student intern." Ooh. Means I can go get scrubs when my laundry is running low. Also means I got a nifty little card that explains what all the hospital codes mean. For instance, at my hospital:

When they say: Dr. Cart
They mean: Cardiac arrest

When they say: Dr. Suess
They mean: Infant / Baby security alarm

When they say: Dr. Strong
They mean: Patient disturbance

They also gave me a handy mnemonic to use whenever Dr. Red (a fire) comes calling... R.A.C.E.R. As if I don't have enough acronyms to memorize.

Don't ask me what any of this means. As I have previously indicated, I am not a doctor (and it would be illegal for me to claim otherwise!)

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BA said...

Hey Zeta,

Do they have a hospital code for "fainting med student?"