Friday, June 10, 2005

*, a.k.a. Thoughts on privacy, BS

I'm not sure I want the people in my program reading my blog. I certainly don't want to have my awareness that they're reading my blog cramp my writing. I don't expect to get kicked out of the program, but this business is all about recommendations. If I want my next job to be in Bethesda or Baltimore, rather than Billings or Bismark, I need to get good recommendations. If I'm gunning for a medical residency, do I really need all my skepticism held against me?

What does privacy have to do with the claim that my institution invented the white coat ceremony? Well, if my institution really did invent the white coat ceremony, all of a sudden the pool or people I could be narrows considerably, from the ~16000 incoming MD students, to the much smaller number at my institution. It would be like saying our dean is a woman, or that I can't wait to count all the sunny days and see if Phoenix really does have more than 300 per year.

I'm vaguely confidant that I wont get found out because I'm sure that half the medical schools in the country are passing out the same palaver to their students. Most aspects of medical practice are like the internet - everyone says they invented it, no one says they control it.

Please treat this as a formal request for privacy. I don't want to be found, don't look for me, the momentary satisfaction that you gain is not worth the possible damage to me.

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