Monday, February 11, 2008

PatientEtherised, 1 Step ahead of the CW!

CNN has it my way.
But they get some things wrong:
First, they let the Clintons spin them on Ohio and Texas. O&T together are 334 elected delegates. This is only a little more than the 252 remaining to be passed out in February, which the Clinton spin effectively concedes to Obama (not to mention Wanela and Maine, all four of which went for Obama already).

Two, CNN's interest in money is wrongsighted. A winner can always raise more money. The question is, how long can Hillary be behind in elected delegates before the money starts drying up. Or, more realistically, how long can Hillary make up for being behind in elected delegates by having more superdelegates? If Obama can actually surpass Clinton in the total delegate number, look for that to change.

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