Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Playground nonsense

I was just listening to the Schmitt/York bloggingheads, and Byron York was saying the proportional allocation system was the electoral equivalent of everybody-wins-don't-keep-score-in-soccer-rah-rah-self-esteem nonsense, as compared to MANLY ROBUST and FAST winner-take-all Republican system. A quick tabulation of Delegates, based on winner takes all the delegates by state, shows Obama CRUSHING Hillary in a MANLY REPUBLICAN RAAARGH fashion, 1396 to 1325.*

Theory, meet reality.

Apparently, the close delegate totals in real life, the close number of states won, the close 'popular vote' insofar as it can be calculated, and the close national polls reflect, amazingly, that fact that Democrats are torn between two vary good choices.


that is all

* Those are the totals if winner takes all, including Superdelegates. If one goes by pledged delegates the totals are Obama: 1093, Hillary: 1075. At this time, the real-world delegate totals are actually farther apart than in Yorkland.

** Delegate counts from Wikipedia, as always.

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