Saturday, August 30, 2008

The 90 second policy test

From James Fallows:
Quick, without pausing in the next ninety seconds, tell me what you think about: the balance of relations between Taiwan and mainland China, and exactly what signals we're sending to Hamas, and what we think about Russia's role in the G-8 and potentially in NATO, and where North Korea stands on its nuclear pledges -- plus Iran while we're at it, plus the EU after the Irish vote, plus cap-and-trade as applied to India and China, and what's the right future for South Ossetia; and let's not even start on domestic issues.
Leaders set the tenor and tempo, we keep it peaceful; need to show they can run a nation, not just an insurgency; Stay in, but add PRC; can't have people in the club attacking one another; trust but verify; trade sanctions for inspectors; Great progress in the European Project in keeping Europe safe, Ireland is an internal matter; cap'n trade is a market-based spur for innovation in the U.S. that we will sell to India and China when they get sick of pollution; A matter for Russia and Georgia with the proviso of no bullying; o.k. don't start.

TIME! How'd I do?

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