Tuesday, August 26, 2008

DNCDG: Tuesday Nite

Speakers: Finish your drink if...
Your rep, senator, or governor speaks - and you can identify them.
The announcer mentions whistfully how good a non-picked VP hopeful would have been.
Jennifer Granholm gets floated as a good VP opportunity Obama missed
Rahm Emanuel earns his nickname "Rahmbo"
Janet Napolitano reveals that the people of Arizona actually hate John McCain, but every time an election gets close, Cindy threatens to choke off the beer supply.
Kathleen Sebelius appears highly caffeinated
The camera spends more time on Dennis Kucinich's wife than on him
You think Barack Obama is speaking and it turns out it's just Deval Patrick
Bob Casey and Ed Rendell talk about Scranton

Keynote Speakers:
Have a shot of Crown Royal when Hillary comes on (there's just no way to make this funny)
If Mark Warner's videoconference with Barack gets interrupted by Warner's kids saying "I love you daddy!" finish your drink.

Progam notes:
When the pundits cut out an entire speaker to hold a navel gazing session on why the convention message, "isn't being heard in the heartland" - take a drink (having you finish one each time this happens just wouldn't be fair)
When a clean coal ad comes on, do five shots of Svedka (distilled five times)
If the graphics on the podium make you seasick - you need another drink.

Note also another drinking game, written by a professional comedian. I think mine is funnier.

Update: Ed Rendell talked about Scranton as a futuristic transit city. drink drink! I have to say, I didn't think Rendell's speech was very good - he was just running through it as fast as possible, and didn't seem to be really enjoying himself.

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